Ferradanehme Identity

Ferradanehme Lawyers

Re-brand for law firm Ferrada Nehme, developing a new visual language across all their comms and internal paperwork. A large and well-established firm in Santiago de Chile, the firm is known for its unique and forward-thinking approach to law. The semicolon although part of their previous identity was re-drawn and combined with a modernist logo.

The two founder surnames were combined into one word, encapsulating the common use in language, but also giving a sign of inclusion to their staff and clients.

The soft pastel palette complements the scheme alongside sticking abstract photography inspired by modernism and architecture. The elegant but strong use of type complements the lead gemoteric serif typeface and gives the identity personality. The overall look allows multiple iterations, from playful combinations to classical use of layout - at times reminiscent of editorial newsprint - always with a contemporary approach which is the firm's motto. Website design by Sebastán Aguila at sa.design. All images from Unsplash