Identity 50th anniversary of the coup d'état in Chile.

Gobierno de Chile

We were commissioned by the chilean government to develop a logotype to accompany all the commemoration initiatives. It was not easy to find a single image that would allow the complex history to be told. The logo should work under unpredictable conditions and be memorable, but more importantly has to reflect the initiative spirit which was encapsulated in a simple but rather strong line: DEMOCRACY IS MEMORY AND FUTURE. We worked under that motto in search of an image that would convey these ideas.

In one way or another this flower, which at first glance seems simple, hides in its genesis something deeper than a mere decoration: we give flowers to celebrate birth, we leave flowers for our dead, we plant flowers to build a future. The English have the poppy, we have something like a “forget me not”. A flower made of tears and blood, of opposite colours that intertwine - dialogue - to unite in that future that we all dream of.

The custom typography that accompanied the flower and the stamp is called Cincuenta.otf, it is based on Chile's political posters. It hides two opposites in its geometry, its morphology contrasts hard angles and curves, resulting in a solid and sometimes somewhat uncomfortable-looking letter, just as we feel Chile’s recent history.

The identity was carried across all media depending from the chilean government and it's ministries: from stamps and TV ads to huge projections